Catastrophe Model Evaluations/Validations (E/Vals)

With a strong focus on the hazard, we work with you to understand and implement your model appropriately for the risks you manage

Cat Model Devs/Users

We undertake independent catastrophe model evaluations/validations (e/vals) for both users and developers, and tailor our e/vals to target the types of risks you oversee. Whether licenced through third party vendors or developed in house, we help you identify where your model is fit for purpose, and where its limitations are as a predictive tool. 

As standard, our e/vals have both quantitative and qualitative aspects, and are broken into three core sections:
  1. Traditional - is your model suitable for the risks you underwrite?
  2. Novel - where does your model add value over other market offerings?
  3. Summary & Conclusions - what are the headline messages for your primary consideration?