Automated Model Evaluation

Our Magniphi app connects to input and output data from your vendor-licensed catastrophe models, and enables you to:
  • Automate the production of Model Evaluation documentation.
  • Stress-test views of hazard at various spatial scales.
  • On-level your historical losses with user-defined or pre-built trends.
  • Drill into Exceedance Probability Loss curves, and understand whether your model ties up to your tailored loss records.
  • Automatically re-sample stochastic event sets to reflect climate change narratives in science, and build progressive dialogues with your vendors and brokers about climate change risk reporting.
  • Overlay present-day relevant climate states (e.g. El Nino Southern Oscillation, warm SSTs in Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico etc) to tailor views of hazard to present-day.

At present the tool runs for 4 peril-regions, namely:
  1. US-Hurricane
  2. US-Earthquake
  3. US-Severe Convective Storm
  4. US-Wildfire

Keep watching this space for further peril-regions.