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Photograph of the Leader Fault scarp in Waiau, New Zealand following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. Used courtesy of Dr. Kate Pedley, University of Canterbury (NZ)

Our blog series intends to shine a light on issues that are of present concern to risk managers, from climate change to scenario analysis to exposure trends. Check back regularly for new posts.

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11 July 2024

Work starts on Hazard Impact Tracker to build global resilience to cyclone impacts

Maximum Information has been awarded Innovate UK funding in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Reading, and Aon

05 January 2024

Linking Risk and Science in Tropical Cyclone Seasonal & Multi-Annual Forecasting

The science of seasonal and multi-annual forecasting for tropical cyclones moves at breakneck speed - what are the main takeaways?

04 July 2023

Why Decision Theory?

We use the Confidence Approach to fundamentally re-think how model information feeds real-world views of catastrophe risk - in this case, applied to a Seasonal Hurricane Predictions challenge

01 June 2023

Seasonal Hurricane Predictions 2023

The Importance of Diverse Structural Models and Defensible Loss Analysis

12 May 2023

The 2023 Kahramanmaraş Earthquake Sequence: a counterfactual contemplation

On 6 February 2023 a magnitude Mw7.8 and Mw7.6 earthquake doublet occurred in the East Anatolian Fault Zone resulting in catastrophic destruction and loss of life in southeast-central Turkey and northern Syria. Knowing what we know now, how might the events have played out differently?

19 April 2023

Return Periods: Common Misconceptions

How often should you expect to see a 1-in-5 loss over a five-year period? (hint: the answer isn’t 100%...)

13 February 2023

When The Wind Blows...

Is hurricane activity changing over time? And if so, why? We introduce a publicly available dataset to try and shed some light on this question...

17 January 2023

2022 European Wildfire Season in Review

Heatwaves & drought & fires, oh my!

07 December 2022

Schrödinger’s Cat(astrophe)

Ever wondered if there's a story behind our name and logo? Read on...

22 November 2022

Democratising cat risk modelling

Collaboration is key to enhance societal resilience to natural hazards

31 October 2022

The systemic risks of climate change

How bad could climate change get?

06 October 2022

Moving on from the Pre-Paradigm of Catastrophe Modelling

A reformation of foundational methodologies and analytical outputs from catastrophe models is necessary to achieve real world resilience and value